The Best Spots of Golf Course in Maui

06 Nov

Maui has been known in recent years because of the consistency in golf courses and the champions constantly playing on the golf courses.

The Hawaiian Island has a number of golf courses and golf clubs in maui happens to be the fourth in the list. The island of Maui is the perfect destination when looking for a great place for a vacation.  The weather is beautiful and the views are remarkable, that is why most visitors opt to go for it for their ultimate golf desires.

Maui island has very good and convenient atmospheric aspects which are able to influence certain golf courses which challenge the players intellectually.  This Island has produced a majority of the world's best golf courses.

The chronological order of the golf courses are Plantation Course at Kapalua Bay, King Kamehameha and lastly The Gold Course. Robert Trent Jones Junior was the founder of the Gold Course golf club at Wailea, he founded it in the year 1994.  The best experience in the Hawaiian golf can be found the Gold Course golf club.

The Gold golf discounts maui club delights you with the most exquisite scenery at the same time challenges you with serious obstacles. The facilities offered in this club are pro in house, driving range, rental carts and clubs.  Prices range are dependent on timings of the week, that is weekday or weekend.

The King Kamehameha golf course is the second one and is situated in western slopes of Maui mountain and is some feet above the sea level, it was founded in1991 by Ted Robinson Senior. Beautiful mountain and coastal region views are one of the scenery in this golf course.  The players can be challenged because of the unique and complex designs in the golf course.  The golf course provides a good atmospheric condition with great customer services and 18 hole play which is sufficient enough to be a great catchment strategy.

The facilities offered in this course are similar to that of the Gold course and the fee charges depend on the membership rates and 'member for a day' packages.

Bill Coore and Ben Crenshaw ware the founders of the first golf course that is the Plantation Course.  The course is situated near Kapalua, on the slopes of the western part of the Maui mountains.  Once you get at this course, you will experience the most amazing ocean views and at every hole, an exquisite view.

Many of the biggest names have been hosted in this course and it is here that the players are greatly challenged due to the 18 hole play. For golf enthusiasts this is the best spot and place to be in as it offers the best experience.

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